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Lilli Lewis: Orange Music Series

Lilli Lewis is releasing her “Orange Music” series of themed EPs in 2016 to prepare for her next full release. Volume I is entitled “Water & Light” and is a 3 part art piece about what she believes to be essential needs for humankind, including personal and collective sovereignty, and the call to allow one’s light to shine forth. Volume II’s “Anatomy” is a deeply intimate mixtape installation of the pain and vulnerability that lies beneath the surface, mapping Lewis’ own experience through despair, defiance, self-acceptance and surrender. The last track is a gospel like rendering of “Sparrows” by acclaimed Cajun singer/songwriter Gina Forsyth. The topical “Orange Music, Volume III: The Matter” is a musical essay on the grit and rub of the current socio-political landscape in the US covering everything from gun control to #blacklivesmatter, but ultimately reminding us again and again that we share this one journey and we therefore belong to each other.

“O, Let Your Light Shine Bright” from Volume I was digitally distributed by EOne Music Group through Louisiana Red Hot Records. Volumes I & II are currently available in their entirety at

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The Shiz “Meet You in the Morning” Official Digital Release

“Meet You in the Morning,” the ambitious new studio album from The Shiz is now available for download on Bandcamp and iTunes.

The long anticipated release received downloads within minutes of it announcement at midnight on 12/19/2013. The 14 track collection clocks in at a little over 70 minutes and features special guests Monica McIntyre (cello), Drew Robin (violin), and Owen Scott III (guitar).

The Bandcamp download includes a special bonus track and is available for on $8. Preview the album below:

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The Shiz: “Meet You in the Morning” Pre-Release Album Review

The Shiz is an up-and-coming folk rock band from New Orleans, and their sophomore album Meet You in the Morning, should set the bar for 2014. Running nearly 80 minutes, it is a journey through emotions that span a lifetime, spread over three movements. If you’re in need of a booty-shakin’ good time that will also jog the far recesses of your mind, look no further. The joy and the sorrow; the battle scars and victory cries — it’s all there. [read more]

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The Shiz Live Listening Party

The Shiz will have a live listening party for their upcoming release “Meet You in the Morning” at the historic Carrollton Station in New Orleans on Friday, November 15th. A pre-master of the full CD including an exclusive bonus track is available for a limited time at

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